Pink Flowers lace mask features the same photo as in the pink flowers paper mache' mask only this time it's a fabric mask utiizing the whole photo with a lace overlay with an additional scalloped lace overhang. This mask measures approximately 6 1/2 inches high and width and depth are N/A due to the flexibility of this fabric mask.


Unique gift for yourself, those that love flowers, lace, nature lovers or lovers of the color pink or blue.  Mixed media. Both photography and artwork is that of Holly Marie Sigismondi of Holly Marie Photography & Art, LLC.


These masks are not made from mask blanks found on craft sites or in craft stores. These are unique designs and handmade from the mask template to the finished product--for more information on my process, check out my instagram page: (cut and paste or click the Instagram icon below).


Made by recycling paper and junk mail, and using glue, fabric, lace and ribbon. 


All masks are signed, have a unique serial number and come with a certificate of authenticity. 

"Pink Flowers" lace mask with scalloped lace overhang

  • Avoid long-term exposure to direct sunlight and long-term humidity. Dust lightly with a lint-free cloth. Do not submerge in water or wear in the shower. We discourage prolonged wear in general and not wearing at all and only use as a decorative fine art piece if you are sensitive/allergic to: acrylics, water-based sealant, PVA glue, India inks, newspaper, newspaper inks, fabric glue and certain fabrics (for lace masks).