Wife, mom & zombie movie enthusiast who loves travel & to dance to the music of life. 


I'm a fine art photographer, recycle artist, writer, and poet. All my life I've been a creative soul. The projects I create use one or more of these elements. 

My masks have either a full photo with an acrylic base (or card stock base for the lace masks), or partial photo/partial acrylic painting, or an acrylic painting.


Most of my canvases have an acrylic background and then one of my photos on it. Some will be embellished with items found on the ground at the site I took the photo. Some will incorporate items that I saved from the landfill. 

Most of my artwork has a recycle art element to it. However, at this time my fine art framed prints do not.

Carpe Diem, and be kind to one another. Holly Marie

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